Why are Younger Generations More Open to Buying Refurbished IT Devices?

Why are Younger Generations More Open to Buying Refurbished IT Devices?

For several years there was an unjust feeling of risk and low quality associated with refurbished devices, however as the younger generations came through with increased tech literacy and more eco-conscious focused mindsets than their predecessors, refurbished devices rapidly became the most viable option.

Figures compiled by our sister company Rapid IT Store show that 40% of all users (from Jan 2022 – now) visiting the site were aged 18-34 years old. The youth now are more concerned with sustainability without comprising on quality, yes it may take them longer to find their desired product, but they are willing to put the work in to select the sensible option.


Although millennials and gen z’ers earn less than previous generations before them, they are far more educated when it comes to the environment and sustainability issues. The youth have effectively forced major international brands to become more eco-friendly, otherwise, they’ll go looking elsewhere. The climate crisis is the biggest issue facing the population to this day and as a result, 73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

The production of e-waste is growing annually, with the numbers, unfortunately, reaching over 50 million metric tonnes in the past year. Millennials and Gen Z’ers realise that the way we currently consume and use electronic goods isn’t sustainable. Gone are the days of buying a phone and replacing it with a new, trendier model after 12 months – The youth want value, they want longevity, and they want sustainability. This generation is clued-in and aware, that when an electronic device reaches the end of its life-cycle they know how important it is to ethically and properly recycle the device and harvest any usable parts for reuse. If electronic devices are improperly disposed of it can lead to huge issues – For example, if a phone or laptop is thrown into a landfill, there’s a good chance that toxic chemicals from the device’s battery or chipset will leach into the soil below and subsequently into the water table, this has a huge knock-on effect for the local flora and fauna.

You’ve also got the “influencer” side of things – perhaps the most well-known of these being Greta Thunberg who has exploded onto the scene, demanding that those in power take the climate crisis seriously. Her message has obviously resonated with the youth.

You’ve also got individuals like Leah Thomas, founder of the Intersectional Environmentalist, Sarah Robertson-Barnes, and the Zero Waste Guy, all of whom are promoting sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyles and really driving home the idea of reduce and reuse.

A bar chart displaying data that's based on the age groups using refurbished devices

A pie chart representing the percentage of each gender who use refurbished devices


Heading down the refurbished route means better value for money. Unfortunately, the younger generations are somewhat more cash strapped than previous generations, so picking up a deal wherever possible is the name of the game. By shopping for a refurbished laptop you can save anywhere up to 50% off the retail price for a product that is effectively identical performance wise.

Rapid IT are committed to heavily committed to the principles of the circular economy, repairing, reusing, refurbishing, and recycling – It’s great for the environment and also saves you money in the long run. The team at Rapid IT Store actively combat issues like planned obsolescence – When a device enters into our system it is thoroughly examined and graded, with any issues that may be outstanding rectified. Rather, unfortunately, when something breaks in a laptop, a significant number of users discard the entire unit and purchase a new device – Think of it like this, if the wing mirror on your car was snapped off, would you get it fixed or just buy a new car? Why aren’t we treating things like phones and laptops the same? Rapid IT Store swap out faulty components, repair the unit, and give it an entirely new lease of life whilst passing the savings onto you.