Refurbished IT Hardware

Save £££'s today with the UK's premier provider of cost-effective refurbished IT Hardware.

Rapid IT have supported businesses with quality refurbished hardware for over 20 years. We provide cost-effectiveness without compromising quality, offering an environmentally-friendly and budget-conscious solution while providing high performance and reliable technology.

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Benefits Of Buying Refurbished

Cost Savings

Opting for certified refurbished computers and laptops presents educational institutions with a cost-efficient solution, offering significant savings without compromising quality, allowing more budget allocation for educational resources and programs.


Our values drive our mission to benefit our customers and the environment by contributing to the circular economy. We source sustainably, refurbish economically, and pride ourselves in driving forward green initiatives.


Certified refurbished computers and laptops undergo rigorous testing and refurbishment processes, ensuring optimal performance and reliability equivalent to or surpassing new devices.

Performance For Less

By opting for certified refurbished technology, you can access higher specifications and premium features that might have been cost-prohibitive if purchasing new devices, enabling enhanced learning experiences.

5 Year Warranty

With both our new and refurbished devices we can offer up to 5 year coverage. We are so confident of the reliability of our refurbished devices, in fact, that if you have any issue, we send a replacement within a business day.

Digital Inclusion

Investing in certified refurbished computers and laptops fosters digital inclusion by making technology more accessible and affordable, ensuring equitable access to digital resources for all students.

The Refurbishment Process

Each and every device is painstakingly and lovingly restored to its full potential, ensuring your students receive the best experience, all the while saving money and contributing to the environment.

Device Inspection

In the initial phase of our refurbishment process, every computer and laptop undergoes a comprehensive inspection by our skilled technicians. This step involves a meticulous examination of both the external and internal components, identifying any potential issues or defects. Through this thorough inspection, we ensure that each device meets our high standards for refurbishment.


Each refurbished device undergoes a series of rigorous tests to evaluate its functionality, stability, and performance. Our quality assurance team ensures that all components are working seamlessly together. This comprehensive testing phase guarantees that our customers receive reliable and fully functional IT hardware, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Cleaning Devices

After the inspection and test, the devices move on to the cleaning phase. Our team employs specialised cleaning procedures to remove dust, dirt, and any other residues that may have accumulated during previous use. This step not only enhances the aesthetics of the equipment but also lays the foundation for the subsequent refurbishment processes, ensuring a clean and pristine appearance.

Grading The Device

The grading phase involves categorising each device based on its overall condition and performance. Our technicians assign grades that reflect the quality and usability of the refurbished computer or laptop. This grading system helps us provide transparency to our customers, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.
Asset tracking

Software/Hardware Installation

Once all other steps are completed, devices move on to the installation phase. During this step, any necessary hardware components are upgraded or replaced to ensure optimal performance. Software is installed, including the latest operating systems and necessary drivers. Our goal is to provide refurbished computers and laptops that not only look like new but also function at their best.

Take A Test Drive

We are so confident you will love our refurbished hardware that we offer a demonstration unit to prospective customers. Experience the devices first-hand in your own office or space to see the quality and financial benefit today!
Sectors We Serve
Our services are tailored to your exact project requirements, no matter what industry.

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Public Sector

Why Rapid IT

We build great relationships with every individual, business, or institution we serve, driving our Purpose Beyond Profit vision to make the world a better place for all through sustainability and inclusivity.

Price Competitive

We provide the best value to our customers for every device, whether for one laptop or a thousand, combined with top tier support and service.

Customer Focused

Our mission and values drive our purpose beyond profit, and that starts with our customers. We listen to every requirement and tailor every service to your needs. After sales and project support is key, and we care about building a relationship.

Driving Sustainability

Our values drive our mission to benefit our customers and the environment by contributing to the circular economy. We source sustainably, refurbish economically, and pride ourselves in driving forward green initiatives.

Numbers that seal the deal

25 Years+

We have served for over 25 years in the IT Hardware, Recycling and distribution space


We are proud of our 90% Net Promotor Score, an indication of our high-quality service


We've supplied and deployed over 5,000 computers and laptops to the education sector

What our customers say

“Quality Products & Service”

I've worked with Rapid IT for over 12 years because of the quality of the equipment, the price, and the customer service as a whole.
See more of Steve's thoughts in our video testimonial.
Steve Kerns
Director of IT

"One of a kind business"

I am extremely pleased with how I managed to purchase the amount of equipment within a limited budget. The PCs have proved to be very reliable and the specification is more than adequate for the students to use within the school environment.
Ben Whitaker
Head of IT Services

"Quick & efficient!"

With the help of Rapid IT, we were able to relocate IT equipment imperative to the business quickly and efficiently, resulting in a significant office space cost saving.
Chris Heywood
IT Asset Manager

Driving Sustainability

We source sustainably, refurbish economically, and pride ourselves in driving forward green initiatives.

Through our partnership with Ecologi, every hardware purchase contributes to the sustainability of the environment by planting trees and funding carbon avoidance projects, helping to create a sustainable tomorrow for all.

8,500+ Trees

With your help, Rapid IT has funded the planting of over 8,500 trees across 17 projects.

369.45 tCO2e

Rapid IT has supported the prevention of 369.45 tCO2e from being emitted through funded offset projects.

44 Projects

We have funded 44 verified carbon avoidance projects, from repairing water boreholes to forest protection efforts.

Frequently asked questions

If you don't find the answer to your question here, simply send a message and we will be more than happy to help. Furthermore, we won't pester with needless information or bombard with calls you don't want.

Speak to a Specialist
How many devices can you provide at any time?

We are entirely flexible to your requirements, whether that is a single refurbished laptop or one thousand new machines deployed to desks. We have catered for all types of customers. Visit the Rapid IT webstore for some of our inventory, but we can always provide more over a call or email 😁

How quickly can you deliver devices?

Of course, this entirely depends on the number of devices you require and your relative location. To give you a guestimate, we can ship single devices the same day if ordered before 1.30 pm, and we can ship and deploy 40 devices within a 2-week window. We aim to keep that 2-week window or as close to it as possible, even when the volume of devices increases.

We will always confirm delivery dates and requirements during your project discussions with us, and we are always transparent.

I'm nervous about buying refurbished equipment?

Don't be - our devices are rigorously tested to ensure like-new (or better!) performance, and we personally use refurbished computers and laptops in our own office.

As standard, all devices come with a year's warranty and can be extended up to 5 years, meaning that if anything at all were to go wrong in this period of time, we ship out a replacement unit to you with no charge. And no, we don't wait until you have returned your unit, we send it the same day we receive notice from you, ensuring minimal downtime and inconvenience to you.

We don't have any asset tracking available to show what needs replacing, where its located, or who the device is assigned to - Can you help?

Certainly! We find many businesses and education institutions either have extremely archaic methods of tracking assets (Excel spreadsheets) or do not have any tracking at all, leaving them vulnerable in many ways (Theft, software security updates, no licence management, etc). We can install and train on our IT Asset Management and can provide this as an ongoing service to you.

What other applicable services do you offer that could benefit me and my company?

Through partnerships and collaboration, we can offer a plethora of applicable business solutions to you, including (But not limited to):

- Smart Digital Building Management Systems
- Sustainable Office Furniture Solutions
- IT Recycling and Decommission
- Secure Office Relocation (Incl. Europe)
- And more....

Contact us today with your requirements and let Rapid IT tell you how we can help save you money and headaches today.

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