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All assets
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Data Wiping

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Secure Facility

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We make the IT Asset Disposal experience simple.

Are you looking for money back on your IT budget? Do recycle your IT? Our friendly approach makes recycling IT easier than ever before.

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Up to £250 cashback for assets

We offer market leading prices for all types of IT Hardware. As a rule, equipment up to 6 years old still holds value. We aim to find the best prices for the equipment and either make a cash offer or work on a profit share basis Our clients operate in many different sectors and industries.

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Free consultation

Our friendly and professional ITAD client account managers have years of experience. Our certified data destruction processes are reliable and secure.

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It has never been easier to manage your IT recyling

With the ever-increasing number of electronic devices used to power modern business, data destruction certificates & certified recycling is more important than ever before. We help businesses to meet the challenge of maximising the ROI on retired IT assets while ensuring that the environment remains protected.

1. Complete the forms

Fill out all details and complete all governing GDPR requirement standards needed for your business, contracts and we will do the rest.

2. Items collected

All items are asset tagged and transported with state of the eco friendly vehicles and delivered to are state of art technology secure site facility for processing.

3. Serviced and recycled

As certified recyclers, we offer clients access to carbon reporting systems, making it easier for clients to meet their sustainability requirements and highest available ROI.



Metric tonnes of IT equipment processed
Trees planted
Hard drives erased per month
Laptops Processed annually

Take control of your carbon footprint. Start today!


Our solutions are perfect for organisations of all sizes.





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“A game changer for us”

I was happy with how Rapid IT handled this complex project, particularly in such a short space of time.

Operations Manager, Rob Valinakis, planned the execution of each part of the project perfectly and kept me and my team informed every step of the way.

Jacob Whitehouse
Senior Information Technology Engineer

“One of a kind Business”

I am extremely pleased with how I managed to purchase the amount of equipment within a limited budget.

The PCs have proved to be very reliable and the specification is more than adequate for the students to use within the school environment.

Ben Whitaker
Head of IT Services Bury Grammar School
Rapid IT's ADISA 8.0 Badge

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