IT Asset Resale & Rebate

Looking for a way to turn your old IT hardware into cash? Look no further than our incredible hardware prices. We offer cash for everything from outdated servers to brand-new laptops. When you find the perfect price for your hardware, we'll take care of the rest.

Sometimes when a company gets in touch with us for IT disposal, we find that their outgoing assets still have residual value. Instead of recycling these assets, the most environmentally friendly approach is to refurbish them and reintroduce them to market. The assets get a second life, and we can use the revenue generated from the sale to offset the cost of the service.

Occasionally, the outgoing are  new and plentiful enough to allow us to provide a rebate to our client, as the resale revenue is enough to  cover the entire end-to-end process , from collection to refurbishment and data erasure, with  the extra value generated returned to our client .

Hassle Free Process

All we need is a list of your redundant items, including model number, configuration information, purchase date and service tag. We can then give you a valuation, make the collection and securely and professionally data wipe your equipment.

Step 1: Sell

Let us know about your items by using our form, or if you have your own inventory, please feel free to send an email.

Step 2: Offer

We'll review your equipment and provide you with a suitable offer within 48 hours of receiving your information.

Step 3: Collection

We'll arrange to collect your equipment and bring it back to our Tech Warehouse to be professionally data wiped.

Step 4: Payment

Once the equipment has been tested and we are happy with the quality, we will pay the money directly into your account.

Quote request

Do you have retired IT assets that could be decommissioned, recycled and reused?

Recycle IT equipment with our Rapid IT service. With data erasure, a secure chain of custody and sustainable operations, we protect your data to the highest industry standards whilst ensuring quality IT equipment gets a second life.

Simply tell us what IT hardware you want to decommission, its location, and your contact details. We’ll get back to you quickly with a free quote.

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