IT Decommissioning

Sometimes, you simply may not have enough resources available to decommission your redundant IT hardware ahead of new equipment arriving.

Within our IT decommissioning service, we can provide additional skilled resources to act as an extension of your team. Whether you have 100 or 5000 devices that require removing and replacing, our team can help you every step of the way.

IT Decommissioning

If you are considering the closure of an office or data centre we can help. From unplugging and removing servers, PC's, monitors and other peripherals, we can do all the hard work for you.

This service ties in really well with our IT Asset Disposal Service. The money generated from the redundant assets can be used to offset the costs of IT decommissioning.

This means that despite us doing all the hard work we can likely still give you some money back at the end of the project, too!

IT Decommissioning an office in London
IT Decommissioning an office in London

What is IT Decommissioning?

IT Decommissioning is an important process that allows the removal of any business application or system from use in an organisation.

This is a very common process for end-of-life servers that requires adequate analysis of data in a particular system. This is followed by the identification of data, metadata, and the system documentation that needs to be brought forward and retained as well along with an accountable process for deletion of the residual data that is present in the system.

When a company carries out its infrastructure planning from its asset list within its data centres, most thinking is around adding new server equipment and technology but does not think about the destruction of old equipment devices that are no longer needed or its data destruction.

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