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Sustainable end of life IT services

We are a leading provider of IT services, and we take care to ensure our processes are as sustainable as possible. Wherever possible, we try to fix and refurbish assets so they can have a new life, negating the need for new assets to be manufactured to replace them. When this isn't possible, we make sure they are recycled to the highest standard.


Anything not suitable for resale will be processed within our secure facility and some materials may be sent downstream for further processing.


All components are separated into their various waste streams. Each must be recycled correctly to reclaim materials and protect the environment.


Components are sent to our carefully vetted recycling partners, who will reclaim their materials, from copper, to plastic, to gold!


Remarketing services

Occasionally, the outgoing assets are new and plentiful enough to allow us to provide a rebate to our client, as the resale revenue is enough to cover the entire end-to-end process, from collection to refurbishment and data erasure. With the extra value generated and returned to our client, the client's satisfaction is guaranteed.

If your company has unwanted IT assets, they will eventually need to be securely disposed of in order to meet data security regulations. Frequently these assets will sit in storage for months and years before a decision on their future is made. In that time, their residual value is likely to fall dramatically.

Fill in our form or give us a call, and we'll let you know if the assets are likely to be saleable. If so, we can visit your premises to collect your assets, identifying and tagging every item. We'll transport them to one of our secure facilities where any data-bearing devices will be securely wiped of all data.

Our in-house remarketing team will then remarket any viable assets through a range of channels to realise their residual value. We will use the value of the assets to either offset the cost of the disposal process or to provide a rebate to your business.

Want to know more?

We only use vetted UK recycling providers with full permits and accreditations.

We send circuit boards off for precious metal reclamation, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Hard drives are processed and materials such as copper, aluminium and palladium are reclaimed. Cables are processed for their copper whilst heat shields are removed from mainboards for additional aluminium and copper.

Low-grade plastics such as keyboards and mice are sent for plastic recycling, and any lead acid batteries have their lead recycled and the acid safely disposed of. Data tapes are sent to an 'energy from waste' facility for energy recovery.

Finally, the bodies of machines are harvested for steel - in an average month we produce 5 tonnes of it! Recycling in this way means every component is dealt with in the best possible manner.

At Rapid IT we reuse everything we can, from the pallets which transport our assets through to the packaging itself, even the paper in our printers is reclaimed waste.

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