We are ADISA 8.0 Certified.

Launched in 2010, ADISA Certification has been certifying companies who provide data sanitisation services for over 10 years and is formally recognised by the ICO, UKAS, DIPCOG and the NCSC.

It's an important identifier in the world of IT Asset Disposal and IT Recycling, to evidence that Certified companies are providing the services they say they are - being subject to regular unannacouned audits.

ADISA Standards

Data Impact Assurance Level is the new concept introduced as part of the ICO approved ADISA Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 to ensure the data controller can specify risk treatments that are sufficient to meet their own specific requirements.

When you create your DIAL you will be required to enter some basic personal data. Feel free to check out the questions and see how simple the process is. The Data Controller for this information is ADISA Certification Limited with the conditions of privacy notice being applied to this data.

The information you supply about your data will be answering questions about the category of data, the volume of data, the potential threat to the business, the impact of a data breach, and perceived acceptable risk. Your answers will clarify the level DIAL Certification and security your company needs to comply with data regulations. By completing the DIAL certification you are under no obligation.

ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance) accreditation, This is the leading ITAD security certification standard in the UK that promotes the importance of data protection within business strategy. ADISA is also included within the National Cyber Security Centre’s guide to asset disposal. As an ADISA-accredited company, we provide complete peace of mind for our customers that their IT devices will be processed securely, confidentially, and safely. We undergo regular audits to ensure that we meet the highest standards every single time. By bringing together the UK’s most secure ITAD companies, ADISA is making sure that organisations can send their used technology for reuse with confidence.

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