The Benefits of Integrating IT Asset Management Systems with an ITAD Vendors System

The Benefits of Integrating IT Asset Management Systems with an ITAD Vendors System

Organisations can achieve optimal end-to-end transparency and automated information sharing by integrating IT asset management systems with ITAD vendor systems.

The integration of IT asset management systems with ITAD vendor systems is integral for a variety of reasons, all of which benefit organisations and their endeavours to remain compliant, secure, and operating at peak efficiency. In order to understand the benefits of integrating these two systems, it is first important to define these terms and how they can be integrated with one another.

What are IT Asset Management Systems?

IT Asset Management systems (ITAM) are a set of business processes and practices whereby organisations can manage the lifecycle of IT assets ranging from acquisition and procurement to deployment, retirement, and their subsequent disposal. These systems rely on accurate and up-to-date IT asset inventories, including key information about the asset, e.g. serial number, software licenses, date of purchase, employee assignment, physical condition, and so on.

ITAM systems are typically integrated with other business systems such as supply chain and procurement, and they often use automation to track and trace IT assets as well. The National Cyber Security Centre in the UK has assembled a helpful guide on the importance of ITAM systems for cybersecurity.

While it is important to consider the acquisition and procurement from the supplier, the key phases of the lifecycle that will be considered below are for end-of-life (EoL) IT assets. IT Asset Disposition is primarily concerned with processes such as Hard Drive Disposal, Data Destruction, and Data Centre Decommissioning.

What are IT Vendor Systems?

When we say IT Vendor systems, we are referring to IT asset management vendor systems and not vendor management systems commonly used in labour staffing. IT vendor systems are typically cloud-based software packages that enable organisations to fully manage IT hardware and software assets within the organisation.  

These systems may or may not be integrated with other IT systems within your organisation, such as Data Centre Services, HR software, or supplier procurement software in order to facilitate IT asset management.

How to Integrate IT Management Systems with IT Vendor Systems

If your ITAM system is not integrated with your IT vendor system, consider integrating the two with the following tips:

Choose a reputable ITAD leader: an ITAD Company such as Rapid IT can provide a robust range of ITAD services as well as integrated IT vendor system solutions such as audit and virtual for IT asset tracking and returns management, respectively. These types of services are immensely valuable to an organisation as they tie together ITAM and ITAD through a comprehensive IT vendor system.

Establish clear goals: it is imperative that your organisation implement an ITAD policy as well as clear goals in order to standardise the processes involved in ITAD. Consider details such as a physical evaluation of every redundant IT asset, secure data destruction methods, and ways in which to reduce e-waste through refurbishment or recycling. Rapid IT operates a Circular Economy model whereby refurbished IT assets are remarketed through our Store.

Always stay updated: an ITAM system or an IT vendor system is no good if it isn’t routinely updated. Information should always be accurate and, whenever possible, automated to reduce human error. IT vendor systems from Rapid IT offer accurate and timely reporting features that ensure your organisation leaves no IT asset (and its sensitive data) unaccounted for.

Ensure all processes are auditable & secure: data security is one of the most important considerations for organisations in recent years, owing to the increasing number of data breaches. Always ensure that your ITAD policy is robust and that it encourages (and enforces) compliance with data security regulations and minimises the risk of data breaches. Rapid IT operates with fully auditable processes and top-notch data destruction methods to help your organisation remain compliant.

The Benefits of Integrating ITAM & IT Vendor Systems

When ITAM & IT vendor systems are integrated, organisations can expect seamless end-to-end transparency, automated processes, and compliant, accountable processes with regard to their IT assets. Furthermore, it enables accurate information sharing between key stakeholders such as IT vendors and the organisation, which can facilitate procurement and IT asset disposition processes in turn.

Consider for example how automotive giant BMW manufactures its vehicles at its Bavarian plant in Dingolfing. Suppliers such as Continental in Regensburg are able to deliver custom car seats with just-in-time (JIT) delivery, exactly according to the customer’s specifications, due to the seamless sharing of information between BMW and their suppliers. For organisations operating globally, ITAM & IT vendor system integration is a key to maintaining accurate and timely inventories of IT assets that benefits all parties involved, such as the organisation itself and its ITAD provider.

How Rapid IT Can Help Integrate ITAD Services with Your Organisation’s Existing Systems

As a global leader in ITAD services, Rapid IT is the preferred choice for both ITAD and IT Solutions that enable organisations to remain compliant and accountable for data security and sustainability for all redundant IT assets.

Our experts can integrate ITAM & ITAD services with our various IT solutions, as well as provide advanced IT asset disposal, secure data destruction, recycling of e-waste, and refurbishment and remarketing services.

Integrate ITAM & IT Vendor Systems in Your Organisation

Hardware and software asset management requires accurate methods of inventorying all IT assets, but it benefits strongly from a holistic integration with IT vendor systems as well. By using IT solutions from a reputable ITAD leader such as Rapid IT, your organisation can benefit from full transparency, accountability, improved data security, and automated solutions that reduce human error.