November 7, 2023

Rapid IT Expands: Our New Marketing & Brand Manager

We welcome our new Marketing & Brand Manager Ray Roocroft who will oversee the future brand and marketing efforts of Rapid IT.

Rapid IT Expands: Our New Marketing & Brand Manager

We are excited to announce the appointment of Ray Roocroft as the new Marketing & Brand Manager!

Ray has a huge amount of experience in the digital space across multiple disciplines that we look forward to utilising. These include (But are not limited to - big breath!) marketing, brand management, operations, client relationship management, customer service management and customer experience development (aaaand breathe!) at multiple organisations and levels.

Ray will be responsible for the future brand vision of Rapid IT encompassing efforts in marketing, social media, partner management and PR engagement. As a self-certified Swiss Army Knife, Ray will also be looking to help improve internal processes, working closely with in-house teams to hone workflows and increase efficiency, helping Rapid IT facilitate our clients needs to the best of our abilities.

In his spare time, Ray enjoys spending time with his 2-year-old daughter, seeing her grow and develop daily which he claims is “Absolutely terrifying but absolutely beautiful”. He is a keen tech and car enthusiast – a fact which ties in nicely, as this is where Ray met Jack and Chris (Rapid IT’s Directors) over 15 years ago!

Get in touch with Ray on today!