4 reasons why your organisation should buy refurbished computers and laptops

4 reasons why your organisation should buy refurbished computers and laptops

The term ‘refurbished’ has different connotations depending on what’s being described. A refurbished wardrobe, for example, you might think of as looking and feeling almost brand new, but a computer? Here, the connotations differ and many might include the likes of unresponsive keyboards, slow processing power, and a general level of reliability that does not – cannot – match that of an off-the-shelf machine.

In this blog, we hope to demonstrate why these connotations are wrong. Not only that they are wrong, but also that there’s other, added benefits to buying refurbished computers and laptops that make for a compelling business case.

Significant cost savings

Especially in light of recent, global events, many businesses are finding that they are faced with restricted budgets. IT budgets are made all the more demanding because newly procured machines must begin delivering value from day one and continue to deliver for their full lifecycle.

Getting a procurement of new computers and laptops right requires that an organisation avoids falling into the trap of purchasing ultra-high spec machines that are simply too advanced – and thus too expensive - for business needs.

The specifications built into the latest machines generally exceed what most organisations actually use them for, with price tags inflated to account for their cutting-edge processors. However, the truth is, models that are only a few years old are still equipped with hardware that can easily cope with most business demands, they just cost much, much less.

Outstanding reliability

Given the pace of contemporary technological evolution, many organisations believe that, unless they’re updating to the latest machines every three years or so, the reliability of their incumbents will quickly dwindle. This is partly true, but only for those businesses that regularly run intensive, commercial applications that place above average stress on the machines’ hardware.

For organisations using computers and laptops for little more than word-processing, correspondence, and a handful of generic corporate applications, their machines will perform capably well beyond the normalised three-year lifecycle.

As refurbished computers and laptops are subject to rigorous inspections with all moving parts either replaced or restored, they even come with warranties to put minds at ease.


Not all environments that newly procured computers and laptops find themselves in are quite as forgiving as say, a boutique jewellers.

Machines in schools, for example, have multiple users throughout the day and children have a habit of being a little heavy-handed at times, leading to regular warranty claims for repairs and replacements.

As such, there is little sense in splashing out on off-the-shelf, pristine computers or laptops that will likely be subject to a certain degree of manhandling from day one. The same applies to businesses whose employees take machines outdoors or deploy them in environments such as factories and warehouses.  

Environmentally friendly

The growing need for organisations to demonstrate Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) activity means they must be constantly on the lookout for ways they can reduce their carbon footprint.

By procuring refurbished computers and laptops, thereby extending their lifespan, organisations help to reduce environmental waste. They also help to reduce the number of new machines that have to be manufactured which contain electronic components made from materials that are rare, expensive and environmentally damaging.

Buying refurbished machines also helps organisations meet Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) obligations which govern how businesses deal with safe disposal of electronic devices and components.

A smart business investment

When the professional concerns around purchasing refurbished computers and laptops are held up to scrutiny, they soon vanish. Refurbished computers are cheaper, offer excellent reliability, are highly practical, and help protect the environment.

If, having read this blog, you’re interested in going down this route but still have some reservations, please get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.