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The Background

AO reached out to Rapid IT asking for help relating to auditing hardware throughout their various sites in the UK. This would allow them to cross reference and verify the data stored within their asset management platform.

The Challenge

The project consisted of auditing all hardware at their Bolton Head Office, plus their enormous distribution facilities in Crewe and Stoke. Rapid IT tracked assets; recording make, model, serial number and asset number - amongst other pieces of information.

The Solution

Rapid IT were able to complete a site survey and come up with a strategy to work through the office and meticulously record the information required by the asset management team. With a team of 5 trained Rapid IT personnel, we were able to record the data of 2300 devices within 5 days. Benefits included: Allowed the IT asset management team to concentrate on their day-to-day responsibilities - By involving Rapid IT, an already stretched IT asset management team were able to concentrate on delivering on their objectives, without having to find additional time to complete this laborious task. Enabled consolidation and verification of AO’s IT asset register - By capturing real-world information of what assets exist in each corner of the 5 floor building, it allowed AO to ensure their asset register was up to date, after Covid and working from home added complexities around keeping the register up to date. Updated anomalies with existing asset numbers - After several years changing the number formatting of the internal asset numbers, Rapid IT were able to update some details that followed an older format, ensuring that information was uniform.

"Chris, Rob, and the team at Rapid IT were able to help us resolve the internal challenge we were having with our asset register. Now completed, we have been able to update our asset management platform with real-world data of the assets within the organisation, so we can better track these allowing us to make informed decisions. As ever, Rapid IT were easy to work with – an important attribute to have. "
Michael Ashton

IT Asset Manager,

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