Secure IT Asset Disposal

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Part of the lifecycle journey

There is much more involved in responsible IT hardware disposal than simply throwing assets in a skip or offering them to the highest bidder.

Rises in landfill tax, twinned with the decrease in new IT product prices, have made it even more important to follow computer and laptop disposal procedures meticulously.

This prevents the risk of committing unlawful action, harming the environment, missing out on financial return, and your data being compromised.

We understand the importance of disposal to the lifecycle of an asset so you can have confidence working with us as your trusted recycling partner.

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Benefits of using Rapid IT for  your  IT Asset Disposal

Total security

We are experts in secure IT disposals. We have the certifications to show our expertise in this area and are fully equipped to carry out this service in perfect security. Whether on or off-site, we’ll ensure the IT destruction is carried out according to all regulations and will provide you with full documentation after the fact.


Certified to the e-Stewards® standard, all of our IT disposal services are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner so we get the job done without costing the earth. Electronic components contain heavy metals which are highly toxic, we ensure that no waste ends up in landfill or gets diverted to a non-OECD country.

Protect Your Data  

If we carry out an IT relocation as part of the service then this involves moving sensitive data too. Keeping track of these data bearing assets is a priority, which is why we track all the IT assets we move, meaning you know where they are at all times. By using us for your IT moves and changes, you can be assured that all of your data is secure throughout the process.

Environmentally friendly   

We work hard to divert waste materials from landfill, always ensuring that any IT recycling we collect is dealt with in a manner which creates minimal environmental impact.